Classical Music That's Relaxing

Classical Music That's Relaxing

Classical Music That’s Relaxing is a royalty free music CD filled with soothing, delicate and serene full length classical themes by some of the world's greatest classical composers. It features music by Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Grieg, Vivaldi, Mozart, Strauss, Bellini and Rossini.

The 14 full length tracks featured here are all performed by a full classical orchestra. The mood ranges from elegant and refined, through sparkling, charming and floating, to sweeping, fluid and effortless. Relaxing music from classical composers brought together for you on Classical Music That’s Relaxing.

The Classical Music That's Relaxing track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Classical Music That's Relaxing 14 Themes / 14 Tracks 99.00 USD Download Buy
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Play Save Title Description Time Instruments Moods BPM Price Download
Play Swan Lake Pas De Trois 1 From Act 1 Flowing, Delicate, Tranquil, Tchaikovsky 2:29 Orchestra Affectionate, Elegant, Innocent, Patient, Relaxed, Respectful, Romantic, Tender, Tranquil $29.95 Buy
Play Prelude In A Major Quiet, Soothing, Leisurely, Chopin 1:53 Orchestra Elegant, Patient, Relaxed, Respectful, Tender $29.95 Buy
Play Peer Gynt Suite Morning Mood Haunting, Enigmatic, Child-Like, Grieg 3:37 Orchestra Ambitious, Anticipating, Brave, Confident, Elegant, Fantasy, Innocent, Inspiring, Joyous, Motivating, Optimistic, Patient, Relaxed, Respectful, Tender, Tranquil $29.95 Buy
Play Christmas From The Seasons Flowing, Graceful, Elegant, Tchaikovsky 3:41 Clarinet, Orchestra Elegant, Happy, Optimistic, Relaxed, Romantic $29.95 Buy
Play The Four Seasons Spring Largo E Piano Longing, Nostalgic, Regretful, Vivaldi 2:32 Orchestra Apologetic, Hesitant, Lonely, Melodrama, Nostalgic, Sad, Subdued $29.95 Buy
Play A Little Night Music Romanza Andante Gentle, Serene, Innocent, Mozart 6:44 Orchestra, Strings Elegant, Innocent, Optimistic, Patient, Relaxed, Respectful, Tender, Tranquil $29.95 Buy
Play Blue Danube Waltz Flowing, Bright, Effortless, Strauss 10:01 Orchestra Ambitious, Confident, Excited, Free, Happy, Joyous, Optimistic $29.95 Buy
Play Casta Diva From Norma Peaceful, Harmonious, Sensitive, Bellini 4:35 Orchestra, Violin Elegant, Melodrama, Nostalgic, Patient, Respectful, Romantic, Tender $29.95 Buy
Play By The Fireside From The Seasons Warm, Dreamy, Enchanting, Tchaikovsky 5:27 Orchestra Affectionate, Children, Innocent, Melodrama, Optimistic, Patient, Playful, Relaxed, Respectful, Tender $29.95 Buy
Play May Nights From The Seasons Wistful, Sentimental, Introspecitive, Tchaikovsky 3:31 Orchestra Affectionate, Children, Fantasy, Innocent, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Patient, Respectful, Tender $29.95 Buy
Play The Lark From Children's Album Bright, Friendly, Lighthearted, Tchaikovsky 1:09 Orchestra Children, Fantasy, Happy, Innocent, Optimistic, Playful $29.95 Buy
Play String Sonata No 1 In G Major Inviting, Friendly, Pleasant, Rossini 8:40 Orchestra, Violin Anticipating, Elegant, Optimistic, Playful, Tender, Tranquil $29.95 Buy
Play Waltz In C Sharp Minor Hopeful, Gliding, Graceful, Chopin 4:39 Orchestra Affectionate, Elegant, Optimistic, Patient, Relaxed, Respectful, Tender $29.95 Buy
Play Swan Lake Pas De Trois 6 From Act 1 Quiet, Dignified, Warm, Tchaikovsky 7:03 Orchestra Affectionate, Children, Elegant, Fantasy, Optimistic, Patient, Relaxed, Respectful, Tender, Tranquil $29.95 Buy
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