Hip Hop & House Music

Hip Hop & House Music

18 full length royalty free melody tracks, for broadcast and audio visual applications.   3 of the themes are also provided with alt mix underscore rhythm tracks.

In da house ... this jam packed CD keeps it happening.  Choose from a strong mix of Hip Hop, House, House Trance, Techno, Gangsta and TV Drama selections - something for everyone.

Hip Hop & House Music has lots of variety - restless, punctuated and exotic tunes, mysterious, hypnotic, dark & sinister tracks, muscular, tribal, throbbing and breathless beats, and lots more.

The Hip Hop & House Music track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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CD Info
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Hip Hop & House Music 18 Themes / 21 Tracks 99.00 USD Download Buy
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Play Save Title Description Time Instruments Moods BPM Price Download
Play Tag and Go Mechanical & Restless 4:38 Synth Depressed, Lonely 86 $29.95 Buy
Play On the Boulevard Punctuated & Exotic 4:15 Synth Determined, Strong 100 $29.95 Buy
Play How to Do It Rhythmic & Self Assured 2:06 Synth Confident, Satisfied, Threatening 124 $29.95 Buy
Play Prowler Ominous & Stalking 4:48 Synth Defiant, Intense, Threatening 89 $29.95 Buy
Play Ghost Trees Mysterious & Desolate 3:23 Piano, Synth Aggressive, Determined, Lonely 84 $29.95 Buy
Play Secret Mission Deliberate & Clandestine 4:22 Synth Arrogant, Intense, Subdued 84 $29.95 Buy
Play Intimidation Trapped & Brooding 3:38 Synth Angry, Bitter, Trapped 90 $29.95 Buy
Play Possession Pulsating & Muscular 3:41 Synth Determined, Intense, Strong 90 $29.95 Buy
Play Eastern Horizon Enticing & Intriguing 3:26 Synth Patient, Satisfied, Subdued 94 $29.95 Buy
Play Submerged Dark & Percussive 3:05 Synth Depressed, Lonely 90 $29.95 Buy
Play Slow Spiral Eerie & Discordant 4:34 Synth Depressed, Intense, Jarring 86 $29.95 Buy
Play Endless Night Deranged & Sinister 3:41 Synth Arrogant, Jarring 85 $29.95 Buy
Play High in the Powder Peaks Tribal & Percolating 4:46 Synth Confident, Free 64 $29.95 Buy
Play Bad Dude Confrontational & Pursuing 4:25 Synth Confident, Satisfied, Strong 84 $29.95 Buy
Play Serious Weight Throbbing, Ragged, Antic 3:37 Synth Distressed, Frantic, Intense 78 $29.95 Buy
Play Crime Scene Running & Breathless 3:11 Synth Determined, Intense 130 $29.95 Buy
Play Crime Scene - Alt Mix Running & Breathless 3:11 Synth Determined, Intense 130 $29.95 Buy
Play A Letter Home Hypnotic & Ethereal 2:44 Strings, Synth Affectionate, Relaxed, Tender 124 $29.95 Buy
Play A Letter Home - Alt Mix Hypnotic & Ethereal 2:43 Bass, Drums Bold, Confident, Strong 124 $29.95 Buy
Play War Torn Serious & Military 2:43 Strings, Synth Bold, Determined, Proud 62 $29.95 Buy
Play War Torn - Alt Mix Serious & Military with Snare Drum 2:43 Drums, Percussion Bold, Determined, Proud 62 $29.95 Buy
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