World Fusion Beats

World Fusion Beats

A world fusion music CD that jumps continents to showcase Latin, Caribbean & Celtic rhythms and melodies. Featured instruments include acoustic guitar, flute, dulcimer, hang drum and other percussion instruments.

The musical moods presented on this CD include carefree & bright, peaceful & soothing, moody & troubled, as well as caressing and sensitive.

The World Fusion Beats track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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World Fusion Beats 15 Themes / 15 Tracks 99.00 USD Download Buy
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Play Forever in Love Peaceful, Gentle, Soothing 6:02 Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Hang Drum Latin, Latin American, Nostalgic, Patient, Relaxed, Romantic, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil 190 $29.95 Buy
Play Free as a Bird Carefree, Open, Bright 4:58 Acoustic Guitar, Drums Affectionate, Confident, Excited, Free, Happy, Latin American, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Playful, Relaxed, Rhythmic, Romantic 184 $29.95 Buy
Play Irish Hearts in Montego Bay Free, Open, Quirky 5:45 Acoustic Guitar, Hang Drum Caribbean & Tropical, Celtic & Medieval, Happy, Optimistic, Playful 180 $29.95 Buy
Play Once in a Lifetime Unraveling, Flowing, Reassuring 6:27 Acoustic Guitar, Drums Latin, Latin American, Nostalgic, Patient, Relaxed, Romantic, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil 162 $29.95 Buy
Play There Is No Doubt Charming, Delicate, Wistful 3:45 Acoustic Guitar Celtic & Medieval, Melancholy, Nostalgic, Patient, Relaxed, Romantic, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil 158 $29.95 Buy
Play What Do I Know Regretful, Moody, Thoughtful 5:47 Acoustic Guitar, Flute Hesitant, Innocent, Melancholy, Melodrama, Romantic, Sad, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil, Weak 157 $29.95 Buy
Play Looking for Happy Endings Eager, Vibrant, Positive 3:58 Acoustic Guitar Anticipating, Celtic & Medieval, Confident, Determined, Optimistic, Playful 128 $29.95 Buy
Play Another Time and Place Caressing, Lovely, Whispering 5:18 Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Hang Drum Celtic & Medieval, Nostalgic, Patient, Relaxed, Romantic, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil 115 $29.95 Buy
Play Coming Together Nimble, Counterpointed, Lilting 6:14 Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimer Anticipating, Celtic & Medieval, Nostalgic, Romantic, Tender 175 $29.95 Buy
Play Sands of Time Bittersweet, Sincere, Sentimental 3:58 Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimer Apologetic, Indian & Middle Eastern, Lonely, Melancholy, Nostalgic, Sad, Subdued 94 $29.95 Buy
Play Sweet Memories Enchanting, Serene, Unwinding 5:00 Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimer Celtic & Medieval, Innocent, Lonely, Melancholy, Melodrama, Patient, Relaxed, Sad, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil 98 $29.95 Buy
Play Angel Eyes Sensitive, Quiet, Heartfelt 5:32 Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimer, Hang Drum Anticipating, Nostalgic, Patient, Respectful, Romantic, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil 88 $29.95 Buy
Play Reflections in a Mirror Hypnotic, Warm, Melting 5:13 Flute, Hang Drum Latin, Latin American, Nostalgic, Patient, Relaxed, Romantic, Subdued, Tender, Tranquil 150 $29.95 Buy
Play Not a Cloud in the Sky Effortless, Lilting, Sunny 4:47 Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Hang Drum Affectionate, Caribbean & Tropical, Confident, Latin American, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Relaxed, Romantic, Tender 106 $29.95 Buy
Play Flying Too Close to the Sun Resigned, Troubled, Hopeless 5:30 Acoustic Guitar, Drums Adventure, Apologetic, Depressed, Disappointed, Lonely, Melancholy, Melodrama, Nostalgic, Sad, Subdued, Suspense 120 $29.95 Buy
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