What Are the Advantages of Using Stock Music?
Stock Music is readily available and is written and recorded specifically for use in audio and audio-visual productions. It is conveniently delivered on compact disc or online via download and its use for synchronization or dubbing is quite cost-effective. There is little administrative work required by the user to obtain the appropriate license, and there are other advantages and features of Stock Music that can make your production work run more smoothly.


Remember to budget for the cost of music in your productions up front. Don't let music be an afterthought. Know from the start that you have the music resources you need. Original scores for a program may cost between $10,000 and $20,000 with small orchestrations; a Stock Music Library-scored program would cost on average only 10% of that price in a needle drop licensing option. If you use a lot of music, you can save a considerable amount by obtaining an Annual Blanket License for Stock Music, which will provide you with all the music you need annually for less than the price of an individually scored piece of music.

The provision of Stock Music on CD allows you to easily find the music you want. Online auditioning and downloading of music just adds to its accessibility. It is not only available for immediate use, but Stock Music is also readily available - no matter where you are located.

Producers have never before had so much music designed specifically for media. A well-crafted and carefully designed Stock Music Library will continue to grow with your needs and the changing styles of production. Do your homework and learn what is available. Listen to the music and pick the option that is right for your production requirements. Stock Music gives you the chance to have any type of music and orchestration you need and you can use it in creative, innovative and unexpected ways.