What Is Royalty Free Music?
Royalty free music – also called Buyout Music – is a specific kind of Stock Music for which the user pays one upfront fee to purchase unlimited lifetime synchronization rights to the music – but does not purchase the music outright.

How Is Royalty Free Music Licensed?
You do not need to license the productions in which you use the music, there is no annual license fee and there are no additional fees when you use the music in your productions. But you do need to understand that you don't own the music and you are not permitted to give the music to anyone else for their productions, or to resell the music in an unsynchronized format.

Royalty Free Stock Music is most often used in commercials, multimedia projects & presentations. You can continue to use the music in any number of presentations that you create.

While it may appear that all licensing purchase options work via the honor system, in reality each Stock Music Library vigorously protects its proprietary material, and expects producers to use library music responsibly. In all cases, as a producer who uses licensed music, make sure that you receive a written license that outlines your rights and responsibilities.

Stock Music Libraries make copyright clearance for use in your production very easy. The music library owners hold the copyright for all the music in their catalogue. They can provide and license the music for synchronization rights directly to you, as StockMusic.com does through our End User License Agreement.