Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Solving Puzzles and Finding Answers

22 Themes / 22 Tracks

99.00 USD

Phoenix Rising (SM457) – this music is strategic and focused on achieving positive results and bringing everyone out alive. When that is not possible, it stops to mourn, salute and re-commit. The music tracks are searching, sincere and ambitious in the face of menacing threats.

Featured instruments include full orchestra, electric guitar, bass, piano, percussion and keyboards. Each theme is provided as a full length full mix track only. Music is composed by Edward Grenga (ASCAP) and Douglas Stevens (ASCAP) and published by S.I. Publishing (SOCAN).

The Phoenix Rising track list provides composer & publisher information for each track on the CD.

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Title / Description Time Price
Lyric Episode
Grand Opening To A Big Story
3:42 $29.95
Surveillance Program
Watchfulness Building To More Questions
1:51 $29.95
Withstanding the Crisis
Putting The Pieces Together For Success
3:02 $29.95
Underground Walkway
Brisk Walking Pace Toward Discovery
3:36 $29.95
Mostly Certain
Contemplating Evidence Before Action
2:21 $29.95
Convincing Evidence
Resolving To Take Action
2:33 $29.95
Security Forces
Anticipating Very Bad Actions
2:40 $29.95
Accepted With Gratitude
Recognition For A Grand Achievement
2:09 $29.95
Sum and Substance
A Community Pulls Together And Succeeds
4:35 $29.95
Survivor's Journey
Positive Result After An Uncertain Start
3:31 $29.95
Dedication Fanfare
Fanfare Salute To Remember And Celebrate
2:24 $29.95
With Strength of Purpose
Bittersweet Memories And Firm Resolve
2:48 $29.95
Phoenix Tears
Discovering A Brighter Future
2:26 $29.95
Broken Rules of Engagement
Dramatic Tension Filled With Unpleasant Surprises
2:44 $29.95
Release the Anger
Peaceful Contemplation Of A Serious Situation
2:53 $29.95
Keep the Children Safe
Imploring Public Prayer For The Innocent
3:24 $29.95
Final Rest of an Idol
Tribute Filled With Respect And Grief
3:18 $29.95
Conceding Fellowship
Hesitant Approach And A Meeting Of The Minds
3:05 $29.95
People We Care About
Emotional Tone Poem Of Family And Friends
3:29 $29.95
Coming into Focus
Floating Thoughts And Ideas
2:18 $29.95
Fantasy Flurry And Resolution
Active Storytelling With Clowns And Heroes
5:44 $29.95
Fantasy Flurry
Bright And Whirling Activity
2:36 $29.95