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Lots of New Music at has added 33 New Music CDs covering 13 of our musical genres. The links below take you to each of the genre pages to which we've added new music - you will always find our newest additions at the top of the page, so they are easy to navigate.

1 Dance and Club Music CD
Club Action Music provdes strong tech beats for club action and competition.

2 Rock Music CDs
Straight Shooting Rock Music is a wailing, demanding and muscular shot of rock;
Pop Rocking Music takes you from running and unrestrained to confrontational and gritty.

3 Drama and Film Score Music CDs
Heroic Victories is fully orchestrated dramatic music for action and adventure;
Trailer Trax is packed with dramatic over the top movie music trailers;
Explosive Trailers gives you pure evil, high anxiety and heroic action trailers.

3 New Age Music CDs
Peace and Tranquility New Age Music is patient, respectful and sincere;
Sci Fi Themes and Drones is filled with eerie science fiction themes and drone undercurrents;
Crystal New Age tones is relaxed, tranquil and otherwordly.

4 Retro Rock Music CDs
Retro Pop and Dance Music is a musical celebration of retro dance and pop;
Solid Sixties Music is sauntering, boastful and enthusiastic 60s rock music;
1960s Music Memories gives you the feel of breaking surf, white Go Go boots and TV spy shows;
Retro Funk with Soul is 1970s style swaggering, funky soul.

1 Country Music CD
Country Traditions takes you from pick up trucks and broken hearts to crying in your beer.

4 Easy Listening Music CDs
Tranqil Transitions is soothing, harmonious and effortless warmth;
Easy Listening Acoustic Guitar is full of carefree and comfortable acoustic guitar compositions;
Easy Lating Rhythms provides acoustic guitar compositions that lean toward relaxed Latin rhythms;
Music for a Sunny Day sets a happy, optimistic and relaxed mood.

1 Solo Instrument Music CD
Drama and Romance is for the heartbroken and sentimental who are still in love.

2 Wedding Music CDs
Wedding Celebration Music is ceremonial, formal, gentle and grand;
Your Wedding Day Music provides fourteen classical music tracks to set the mood for your wedding day.

9 Classical Music CDs
Classical Overtones features Afternoon of the Faun, The Emperor Waltz, and excerpts from Faust;
Regal and Rural Classical Music includes excerpts from Carmen, the Brandenburg Concertos, Pictures at an Exhibition and more;
Popular Opera Classics features Largo al Factotum, La Donna e Mobile, L'Amour est un Oiseau Rebelle and more;
Romantic Classical Instrumentals is warm, heartfelt and romantic classical instrumentals featuring piano, acoustic guitar and clarinet;
Classical Inspirations is filled inspiration from the Ode to Joy, Hallelujah Chorus, 1812 Overture and more;
Epic Classical Stories tells tales of mystery, defiance, magic, ceremony and bravery;
Great Classical Overtures provides popular orchestrated overtures including Barber of Seville, Aida, Magic Flute and Rigoletto;
Dramatic Classical Strings features violin and cello solos as well as string quartets;
Baroque Classical Masters includes masterpieces by Bach, Handel, Purcell, Tartini and Vivaldi.

1 Children's Music CD
Playtime and Naptime is filled with playful, innocent and tender tunes.

1 World Music CD
World Fusion Beats showcases Latin, Caribbean and Celtic fusion rhythms.

1 Patriotic and Military Music CD
National Anthems encourages you to stand at attention for national anthems from five continents.

Adventure and Suspense


2 New Music Categories

Now you can browse Adventure Music and Suspense Music at -

Blog: Welcome to the New Look


Welcome to the new look at

We’ve expanded our screen space to give everything a bit more breathing room; updated our images and banners for a fresher look.

We’ve added 15 new music CDs to start with – with a blockbuster 101 more joining them over the next week or so.

And we have lined up a stunning array of more than 90,000 sound effects and product elements, including the Hollywood Edge and Frank Serafine collections that will be joining the arsenal as quickly as our coding maniacs can get them launched.

Other features we think you’ll like:

A brand new new releases page to keep you informed on the latest music.

Easier access to the sound effects CD collections at the bottom of the sound effects search page.

Searching now spans all site content including the Production Elements – with quick tags in the search results that let you narrow your focus easily.

Blog: 18,000 New Sounds


Voice Kit and Wind!

Voice Kit and Wind Sound Effects from Sound Ideas

Just added to - more than 18,000 new sound effects from Sound Ideas.

Voice Kit Sound Effects is a great collection of Wild Lines including all age groups and all attitudes. Check out the Human Voices category in Human Sounds - you can type VKT into the sound effects search to just look at the new Voice Kit sounds in any category.

Wind Sound Effects from Sound Ideas is 200 effects you can see in the Weather category of our sound effects search. WND01 will narrow your search down to just the new sounds added from this collection.

Blog: New Music Added


Check Out Our New Music has added a whole crop of new music CDs to the lineup. HINT All new CDs are added to the top of the category pages. You can browse through the categories and easily see what's fresh on the site in your favorite music style.

Here are the links to take you to some of our new CDs:

Shaken and Chilled
Shaken & Chilled is a dance mix CD that includes a range of moods from aggressive and competitive sports to mellow and uncertain romance. The music tracks are sometimes hurried and energetic and sometimes positive and upbeat.

Happy Endings
Happy Endings is an easy listening CD that crosses over into romance on a regular basis. The mood is affectionate, tender and optimistic - with an easygoing and sincere point of view.

Elemental Rock
Elemental Rock is a liberated, muscular and solid guitar rock CD that roots itself in the styles of some of the greats. Some of the compositions are arrogant and defiant - some are happy and free.

Eastern Inspirations
Eastern Inspirations is a worldly mix of middle eastern inspired music that strays into new age trances and dramatic scenes. There are many moods represented here, from romantic to grieving and from festive to solemn.

Strong Rock Roots
Strong Rock Roots is a heartfelt collection of solitary and hopeful compositions. The mood of this CD ranges from nostalgic and apologetic to ambitious and determined.

Criminal Element
Criminal Element is an aggressive, dark, defiant and evil collection of thriller, horror and suspense music. It provides both sides of the spectrum from cautious and confused to menacing and disturbed.

Meditative State
Meditative State gives you the calm interlude you need to listen to the inner silence. The music is tranquil, relaxed, free and mystical.

Country at Heart
Country music that stretches the heart through many moods from bittersweet & poignant to dancing & upbeat to sorrowful & resigned. The music on this CD expresses disappointment, apology, loneliness and optimism.

Poetic Piano
Poetic Piano is a romantic, tender and elegant collection of solo piano music with an easy listening overtone. Some themes are perfect for wedding applications.

And we're working on even more. 20 new CDs including Period Jazz, EDM, News, Classic Video Game, Comedy and Blues Piano. Drop back often to watch our progress!

Blog: Get Ready for Christmas


Christmas Is Coming!

Get ready for Christmas with royalty free music from

Choose from mellow the acoustic guitar renditions of the Christmas Unplugged

The bright and seasonal tradition of Christmas Brass

The orchestrated tradition carols of Seasons Greetings

And our other great Christmas Music Selections at

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