Welcome to the new look at StockMusic.com

We’ve expanded our screen space to give everything a bit more breathing room; updated our images and banners for a fresher look.

We’ve added 15 new music CDs to start with – with a blockbuster 101 more joining them over the next week or so.

And we have lined up a stunning array of more than 90,000 sound effects and product elements, including the Hollywood Edge and Frank Serafine collections that will be joining the StockMusic.com arsenal as quickly as our coding maniacs can get them launched.

Other features we think you’ll like:

A brand new new releases page to keep you informed on the latest music.

Easier access to the sound effects CD collections at the bottom of the sound effects search page.

Searching now spans all site content including the Production Elements – with quick tags in the search results that let you narrow your focus easily.